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With these, tattoo wearers can also use hot springs.

The Foundation Tape conceals tattoos.

The Foundation Tape is an ultra-thin, flesh-colored seal. Unlike medical tapes, which stand out, the Foundation Tape blends into your flesh as if nothing was there, so nobody will notice your tattoos underneath.

You only need to adhere them onto your flesh, so it is much quicker than applying cosmetics. Plus, there is no need to worry about smudging it onto your clothes like foundations and concealers tend to do.

0.02mm thinness for an unnoticeable look.

Unlike medical tapes, observers won't notice your adhered Foundation Tape unless you reveal it to them. Covering a tattoo with one will look as if you had it removed.

The Foundation Tape features a never-before-seen thinness of 20 microns. When applied, they leave almost no space at all between the flesh and the seal, so they will last a long time even when being rubbed against. As long as you don't scrub them roughly, you don't have to worry about them peeling off.

The Foundation Tape is water resistant, so you can leave them on when hopping into a pool or hot spring.

The seal's highly water-resistant material and strong adhesive power means that being in a pool or hot spring, or sweating won't cause it to come loose and fall off.

Since they fit snugly onto your flesh and no gaps will emerge even after a long time, they will stay water resistant, making it a product that has no substitutes.

The Foundation Tape can be worn for a week.

Due to their strong adhesive power, getting them wet or rubbing them won't make them peel off. While your milage may vary a little, Foundation Tapes generally can be left on for a week.

To remove it without hurting your skin, press Scotch tape or Sellotape against it and lift up slowly. A special remover is not needed. Though please be aware that they are single-use only.

The Foundation Tape comes in 6 tones.

There are 6 tonal variations available: Burn Ochre, Tan Ochre, Ochre, Light Ochre, Pink Ochre, and Beige Ochre.

You can choose from 4 sizes

The normal size is 7.5x9.5cm and comes in a box of 10.
The small size is 2.6x7cm and comes in a box of 18 (each sheet has 3).
The large size is 9.5x14cm and comes in a box of 5.
The extra large size is 13x19cm and comes in a box of 3.

Simple-to-use and Made in Japan.

First, peel off the seal from the white backing sheet and apply it onto the spot of your flesh you want covered. Then, use your hand to rub on it. Finally, gently peel off the clear film.

As the Foundation Tape is applied directly onto the delicate and sensitive skin, we ensure that they are of high quality by keeping the whole production and sales transaction process solely in Japan.

Speedy overseas shipping with Express Mail Service (EMS).

Overseas customers can receive Foundation Tapes quickly and easily with EMS shipping. International shipping via EMS is a flat rate of 3,000 yen, and can be tracked online. Please go here for more details.

Paying by credit card.

Payment via Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club credit cards are accepted. Your order will be shipped out shortly after it is placed.

The Foundation Tape is a product that was born out of the wishes of people who want to conceal their tattoos. Obsessive effort has gone into their making!

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JPY 1,500 (tax:0%)

Shipping fee: JPY 3,000

Burn Ochre Qty:
Tan Ochre Qty:
Ochre Qty:
Light Ochre Qty:
Pink Ochre Qty:
Beige Ochre Qty:
Color Mixing Set Qty:
The normal size 7.5 x 9.5cm and comes in a box of 10.
The small size 2.6 x 7cm and comes in a box of 18 (each sheet has 3).
The large size 9.5 x 14cm and comes in a box of 5.
The extra large size 13 x 19cm and comes in a box of 3.
The color mixing set The following colored seals are included one by one.
Tan Ochre, Ochre, Light Ochre, Pink Ochre, Beige Ochre.
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